The Secrets Of The Black Pope And His Control Over Illuminati – Part 3

If you still believe that the white pope is the supreme head of the Vatican and the Catholic Church then you should read about why this is not true in our previous texts you can find here for the part 1 and here for the part 2.

In this article, we will share light on the future crimes that are planned to take place in the Vatican.

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According to the prophecy, the Pope that has now been chosen as the last Pope, known by the name of Arturo Sosa will be the last ever Black Pope.

The Jesuits Superior General is known by the nickname of Black Pope because he is the ruler of the Vatican and he is always dressed in black. According to the prophecy, this pope is to be the blackest of all black popes in the past, as scary as that sounds.

The Jesuits also believe that he is their end and also their beginning. They believe he is the new religion of the world. They also say that he will be the last ever pope that the New World Order has selected.

It has been said that because of these events and these facts, we should expect greater economic crisis and wars on religious bases with the Muslims. The Jesuits believe that is finally the time for one religion to take over the world once and for all.

If you still don’t believe this, numerology also predicts that these events really will take place in the future.

One example is the numerology after the death of the Pope John Paul II:

  • He died on 02.04.2005 2+4+2+5= 13
  • The time of his death was 21:37 2+1+3+7=13
  • It was the 13th week of 2005
  • He was pope for 26 years and 5 months 2+6+5=13
  • Overall 9031 days 9+3+1=14
  • He was selected to be a pope when he was 58 years 5+8=13

Another example is the numerology of the Pope Francis with the numbers 3 and 13. You can look for it online and reassure yourself it is true.

The number 13 covers the principal of evil, fatality and the movement towards death. This number 13 has a meaning of great importance, it resembles transformation, rebirth and new world.

Even on the icon of the New World Order, there are 33 tones on the pyramid and 13 stairs that symbolize the 13 points of Illuminati.

There is also an eagle with 13 feathers on each wing with 13 bows on the right claw. There are also 13 stars around the eagle and there is the shield with 13 ribbons that represent the first ever 13 states.

St. Pope John Paul II

It is amazing the way how the Jesuits control the world and all the major world events. Many scientists, teachers and writers have been claiming this for so long that is a shame for us to act numb as we had until now.

Even Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th president of the US said that the war would never even started if the Jesuits weren’t there.

Napoleon also said that the Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious one. He pointed out that the real enemies are the Jesuits because they want to achieve overall and ultimate power all over the world.

Historians, teachers, politicians and philosophers all have stated that the Jesuits are the enemies of the human kind and that we all need to work together against them. We should never let them rule the world – if they are not doing that by now.

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