SETI Experts Break Silence Over Breathtaking Pentagon UFO Footage

SETI experts or the representatives from the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute caused quite a wind blowing the whistle on the UFO sensation last month, managing to shock the whole world.

In December, New York Times published an article exposing the existence of a classified US Department of Defense mission dedicated to investigating UFO phenomena.

The so-called Advanced Aerial Threat Identification program (AATIP) went on between 2007 and 2012 employing a budget of £16 million to the military would investigate the threats UFOs could pose.

AATIP’s leader was Luis Elizondo. However, he quit this job to start his own To The Stars Academy and investigate UFOs privately.

In addition, the article also contained a radar camera footage from a US Navy aircraft which claimed to show UFOs flying in such a way that ‘defied physics’.

Now, SETI experts are determined to discover whether these claims could signify alien life.

In fact, this camera video is related to the famous Nimitz UFO event which involved many US Navy workers who reported seeing UFOs flying in the sky. This case was also part of the AATIP investigation.

According to Mr. Elizondo, this video was clearly showing that “there was very compelling evidence we are not alone”.

The SETI Institute locates in the USA. It consists of scientists whose job is to search for alien signs of life in the universe.

During a radio podcast of the SETI-based Big Picture Science Skeptic Check, a group of scientists analyzed the surprising footage.

James McGaha, a retired US Air Force pilot, astronomer and director of the Grasslands Observatory, was also part of the group of these SETI experts.

However, he dropped the claims that there is something otherworldly within the footage. According to him, people confuse themselves only because they are not used to seeing something unordinary in the sky.

McGaha said: “People see what they want to see. If you are not trained to know what you are looking at, the brain will fill in the gaps.”

He also doubts that the alleged UFOs are able to perform sharp turns at vast speeds. Moreover, he thinks the strange movement of the object was just the movement of the camera itself.

“I don’t consider this very credible. People say an object moves at a certain speed, but the eyeballs are not calibrated,” he stated.

“You need to know how far away it is and the size, it is not what most people can do including pilots.”

“Pilots and police are not trained observers like astronomers and often see what they believe.”

This footage has also been observed by other experts. Most of them claim that the UFO is nothing more than an aircraft in the distance.

Sean Shostak, the co-host of the Big Picture Sceptic Check, said: “They could certainly release some better evidence, this is just a blob in the central view, it looks like the back end of an aircraft.”

“What we have seen from opening the files is not terribly interesting, at least not so far. If more evidence comes out and it is better than what has been offered so far, it will be extremely interesting. But I think they know that themselves.”

On the other hand, there are other UFO enthusiasts who think this doesn’t make any sense. Especially in terms of the training levels of the pilots.

This video, however, received a lot of media and public attention. Many people do believe the pilots’ statements.

“The video in question comes from a gun cam. Fighter pilots are extremely well-trained people,” wrote a user.

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