Time Traveler From Year 6491 Passed The Lie Detector Test

A time traveler who claims he came back from the year 6491 and got stuck in 2018 because his time machine collapsed, has allegedly passed the lie detector analysis.

The time traveler who calls himself James Oliver claims he was on duty in a mission in the 21st century from the year 6491. However, he wasn’t able to go back.

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Although this sounds rather absurd, there still might be a piece of evidence to actually confirm whether it’s accurate or not. Namely, the lie detector test.

The famous paranormal YouTube account Apex TV merged the alleged time traveler with a lie detector. According to them, this man passed every question of their examination.

On the video, the man’s face is blurred, he owns a Birmingham accent and a slight mispronounce.

“Your years are different to mine,” he tells the host who we also can’t see due to the blurriness.

Watching the video, we can’t help but ask whether this man lives on our planet or somewhere else. Mainly, because he says:

“Where I’m from, the years are longer. My planet is further away from the sun than yours is, so it takes longer to get around. But we have gifted mathematicians who work to calculate our years from those from other civilizations.”

He does seem to be a real human. However, we are still uncertain whether he passed the test since we only see the word TRUE after the video ends and not the laptop screen.

As he states, global warming is a real threat to our planet and it’s only going to get worse. He suggested we should place a cap on carbon ejections.

The time traveler further explains that every person in the future owns an AI system called Siri able to identify its user by his/her voice.

He says: “We are constantly finding new planets and galaxies every day. Most of it is just nothing.

“Sometimes you hit the jackpot and find intelligent life on it. You find new planets, new ecosystems.

“There are a lot of planets more intelligent than humans.”

He believes all the planets are under control of various leaders who have some sort of unconventional rule.

When the presenter asks him if there was any conflict between humans and aliens, he replies: “Errr, I can’t….yes,” apparently hesitating to answer.

After this, however, he adds: “There have been some conflicts, but most of it has been put under control by the federation very quickly. The federation is there as a peacekeeping vessel.”

The time traveler said he works for an agency that studies aliens, concentrating in the field of history of human race. He even claims he has met extraterrestrial creatures in person.

“I have personal relationships with a few of them, I have friends I’d consider aliens. They are a nice lot, they are. Don’t be quick to judge.

“I have some who are quite good friends. My closest friend is from another galaxy,” he said.

Here is the video so you decide whether you’ll believe him or not.