Is This Video Proof NASA Is Hiding Alien Civilizations?

Years of speculating alien civilizations exist, yet no confirmed proof ever presented. But, can this video finally prove if NASA and other space agencies have been hiding the truth from us?

As the years pass by, more and more eminent officials come forth, speaking about alien civilizations, life and UFO existence.

Not just ordinary humans have theorized it, but also prominent astronauts coming back from space came forward regarding the unusual sightings they experienced.

Moreover, NASA employees also reported fascinating stories. They claim the famous space agency gives its best to keep the truth from the general public.

Many of them imply the truth will prompt a huge chaos among the people, changing our history and everything around us.

There were so many compelling efforts for a final disclosure.

One of them was the 2006’s dial-in from a mysterious woman with the name ‘Jackie’. She called the Coast-To-Coast AM radio, claiming that she was a NASA employee back in 1979.

Furthermore, she stated she was part of a huge government concealment.

Jackie‘ explained that not only that NASA knows alien civilizations exist, but that there were also human colonies on the Red Planet.

This woman claimed for herself that she allegedly was part of the Viking Project – the first American mission to Mars.

According to her, cameras of the Viking depicted humanoid bodies on the surface of Mars. She later explained how her supervisors quickly blocked the picture so she could observe no more.

Jackie’s allegations can never be verified. However, she is not the only person to initiate such thoughts.

We recently wrote about a hacker, facing a ten-year battle, after breaking into NASA computers. According to him, the US has a fully operational fleet of Space Warships.

Gary McKinnon strongly affirms that he encountered the greatest discovery that confirms the US has a secret space program operated by the navy.

Another attempt was made by a former marine with the nickname Captain Kaye. He said that he spent years living on Mars and he also assisted on a giant space carrier.

According to him, he was an employee of the Mars Defense Force, owned and run by the Mars Colony Corporation.

Whether these people really experience something beyond our fantasy is yet to be discovered.

However, the truth is that many high-ranking people, directly or indirectly connected to Space, opened their souls to alien civilizations and UFOs.

Many people believe their revelations are a hoax. On the other hand, many also believe in the idea that we are not alone in the universe.

What do you think?