Alien Face In NASA Image Might Prove Alien Civilizations Used To Carve Rocks On Mars

This ‘anything but regular’ NASA image seems to depict an alien face on the Red Planet. Many enthusiasts immediately started pronouncing claims Mars could have been a homeland of an ancient intelligent civilization.

The rock formation which strongly resembles an alien face was shot by NASA space probes. The US-based space agency named it the Chryse Alien.

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According to NASA, the alien face is, in fact, a meteorite impact crater that emerged as a result of an corrosion.
However, top UFO hunter Scott C. Waring firmly believes this rock signifies something beyond the NASA explanation.

He said the strange feature could be a rock carving created by an advanced Martian race. To compare, he mentioned the ancient Britons who in a similar way used to carve figures in hills like the giant of Cerne Abbas in Dorset and the Long Man of Wilmington in East Sussex.

The image initially appeared 13 years ago, in 2005. However, it didn’t receive much attention up until recently.

Mr. Waring wrote on his website “This was found and recorded by NASA on Jan 26, 2005, and yet no one has ever heard of it until now.

“This crater on Mars is called the ‘Chryse Alien’. Yeah, you heard me right. NASA named it after an alien!

“They see an alien face here! The measurement bar in the upper left of the photo tells us how long 150 meters is, so this head is about 350 meters by 400 meters.”

Moreover, Mr. Waring is assured the carving does not originate from a natural erosion. As proof of his claims, he offered the fact that the measurements are just too accurate to be natural.

He said: “The two eyes are each over 250 meters long and perfectly matched in size and width. The ridges along its center forehead show a unique feature of the alien not often seen.”

As can be seen, Waring is a strong supporter of the theory that the Red Planet once had an intelligent alien civilization.

This theory claims, this civilization was capable of building whole cities but vanished due to an intergalactic nuclear war.

He ‘took the blame’ for posting many things on Mars, describing them as anything, from animals to fossils and buildings.

“The two odd depressions at the north end of the crater (the ‘eyes’) may have formed by wind or water erosion.

“This region has been modified by both processes, with water action occurring in the distant past via floods that poured across western Chryse Planitia from Maja Valles and wind action common occurrence in more recent history.”