Aliens? Video Of Large Black UFO Shoving Off The Moon

Paranormal pursuers went wild after a mysterious footage showed what appears to be a black UFO passing the Moon. They immediately suspected there are otherworldly creatures on the Moon.

The witness delivered the weird video to the American Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for further observation.

The eyewitness recorded the moon in Dearborn Heights in Michigan, USA when the black UFO decided to emerge.

In a report to MUFON, the witness who preferred to stay anonymous said: “I was filming the full moon and captured a dark disk traveling Southbound from of the moon.”

The video which MUFON received is clearly showing a large, circular black object. As it seems, the object flies across the moon’s exterior from the left to the right.

According to, the UFO later blasts off the right side of the moon, eventually disappearing entirely.

“I was filming the full moon and captured a dark disk traveling Southbound in from off the moon,” said the eyewitness.

Initially, MUFON’s original website uploaded this mysterious footage. Later, multiple YouTube channels also reshared it.

Ever since it became available on the internet, this video has caused nothing but wonder and questions.

One YouTube viewer posted: “At first I thought it might be something in the Earth’s atmosphere, but once it was zoomed out, you could definitely see it appears to be orbiting the moon.”

However, this video didn’t come as a surprise. Long time now many people are strongly convinced the Moon has alien inhabitants.

Even some astronauts which undertook the famous Apollo missions talked about them. Buzz Aldrin even said they were ordered away from the Moon.

Of course, on the other side, there are the skeptics who gave a more pragmatic explanation.

Scott Brando, who runs a debunking website, said: “I think it’s a small object crossing the lunar disc like a mylar balloon. There is much similar footage like this.”

There are things in the sky, like birds or balloons. If observed out of focus, they look like they are nearer to the moon than they actually really are.

What do you think? Are ‘they’ among us?