Area 51 Agent Claims: There Was Real Battle Between Humans and Extraterrestrials Really In 1978

According to the claims of Thomas Castello, ex-agent of the famous Area 51, humankind almost testified a battle between humans and extraterrestrials. However, this event luckily didn’t spread outside the area where humans usually conducted experiments on aliens.

Mr. Castello said he was a photographer who worked for the US Army. Furthermore, before taking his job, he signed a contract with a confidentiality clause considering some relevant prohibited information.

According to the former employee, there was an obscure underground base where people went to search for the cure of their diseases. Among these people there were even children, he said.

Given these points, Thomas wholly negated the likelihood of interacting with any of these people.

Recently released declassified CIA data says Thomas had the chance to eyewitness numerous obscure practices. These practices included astral journeys and mind control.

Then again, the most exciting part of his claims is that he said he has seen scientists who had rather an extraterrestrial origin. Apparently, they were making experiments related to alien-human hybrids and cloning of humans and aliens.

Also eerie is that he claims he could recognize the abducted by hearing them talking nonsense because of strong sedatives.

He said he acknowledged what was happening because he was constantly seeing posters around his town about the same persons being lost without a logical justification.

He further says that was the instant when the battle between humans and extraterrestrials, called “the sweet battle” started emerging.

This war might have prompt due to increase of pressure. Aliens allegedly agitated to make an inside destruction to the genetic investigation of the humans.

All this happened because aliens wanted to keep using humankind to extend their study.

Today, nobody knows where Castello is or what is he doing; however, he sure did escape the secret infamous base.