Mysterious UFO Mothership Filmed In North Carolina

A video of a bizarre UFO mothership in North Carolina circulated quickly online, inspiring beliefs that it might have been aliens visiting our planet.

The event involved a V-shaped object with luminous brights flying over the night sky of the small town of Columbus.

The video lasts for about five minutes and it was recently uploaded by the “UFO Institute” channel. MUFON also listed the event in its directory.

Within the video, you can spot two pairs of lights noticeable on each side of a brighter middle pair. In brief, all of the lights seem to flutter together, forming a V-shaped object, accompanied by a humming sound.

“Whatever it is, it seems to be dropping,” says an unknown man shooting the clip.

“I’d like to know what the heck those six lights are.”

“Me too, buddy. Me too. Unfortunately, with only one eyewitness and one dark video to go on, it’s doubtful we ever will.”

Another channel which also published the video identified the object as an enormous UFO mothership.

Many people said that there could be a reasonable explanation for the event, like drones or military flares testing.

However, the military bases in North Carolina are much distanced from the area where the event took place. Is it weird to ask why would military experiments go on so far away from protected airspace?

As a matter of fact, if indeed is a mothership, what is it doing in this small city of 1,000 population.

You can watch the whole footage here: