Time Traveler From Philadelphia Experiment Reveals Map Of Future US

Survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment opened his soul about the time travel businesses.

Al Bielek was born in 1927 and worked in one of the most controversial margins of the US military.

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This man claims the technological abilities of the USA are much more superior than we think it is. Namely, this dexterity comes from an unusual source – an extraterrestrial one mostly.

He also claimed he was a victim of the psychological brainwashing by the US government. What he saw a long time ago he believes could make big changes in the world today.

Bielek says that his engagement with the US military started as soon as he joined the Montauk Project.

For this reason, he explains, he worked at his day job in California before he took a travel with a secret underground magnet-motorized train from LA to Montauk. There he went to work on his other job.

The second job provided him with the opportunity to become tangled within the American operations with allied field theory.

In 1943, the USA got entangled with a shocking experiment, famous as the Philadelphia Experiment.

Notably, the Philadelphia Experiment involved a nautical ship called the USS Eldridge which had devices that would enable light to twist around the ship and teleport the team to another place.

USS Eldridge

In the first experiment, it was said that the ship vanished and some of the crew members got ill.

Nevertheless, during the second experiment, a disaster had happened which left behind many dead victims from the crew and some of them lost their clear mind because of the teleportation as well.

The infamous project’s details have been kept in an obscure secret.

Bielek says the whole secrecy is a result of a mind control performed on the witnesses from the crew.

He further said that even he didn’t remember anything until January of 1988.

Then, he saw a movie based on this experiment and his memory began to fresh up.

He was more than sure he wants to share his experience with the public. By experience, he didn’t just mean the notorious Philadelphia Experiment but also other controversial movements of the US government.

Moreover, Bielek says that he also was in charge of the same activity of mind control he was later a part of.

These involved time travel programs which he claims he was also participating in.

Bielek says that he went to Mars many times. Also, he visited the year 100,000 BC to observe a research station and the year 6037 to regain technology.

This man also said the US will suffer a disastrous blow in the next years which will completely alter its landscape.

Bielek says that even though he shared his experience, that won’t change our future because of the simple fact, he allegedly already has been there and saw the consequences.

Thus, he doesn’t consider that he endangers the world by revealing unbelievable parts of his life.