Battle Of Los Angeles: Shocking UFO Sighting That Left Victims Behind

Five years before the famous Roswell and many years before the so-called ‘modern UFO era’ had officially started, there was another fascinating event. Namely, it’s the Los Angeles UFO encounter or better known as the Battle of Los Angeles.

Not many people have heard for the Battle of Los Angeles. But, even though this incident is not very mainstream, it is still very significant for the whole history of humanity.

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Imagine an otherworldly craft flying around a blacked-out Los Angeles in the night, a few weeks after the Pearl Harbor fear and horror.

Furthermore, imagine many anti-aircraft batteries assaulting this enormous craft, shooting nearly 2,000 loads of high explosive in front of the eyes of many witnesses. Just think about all what we described and you’ll get the picture of the Battle of Los Angeles.

However, the night of February 24th in 1942, soon after the terror of WWII, an event happened that have remarked our first possible extraterrestrial contact. The US army just assumed the craft is some Japanese airship and attacked it as we explained.

The unexpected guest provoked all of LA into an urgent wartime blackout. Thousands of panicked Air Raid Officers started running all over the dimmed city.

Air sirens echoed everywhere around Los Angeles when the UFO trespassed the guarded airspace.

The whole drama resulted in a death of six people and the bullet fragments on houses and streets.

Up to the present time, some people are aware of the event; however very few know that there is a real video of it.

The video depicts the searchlights while 12.8-pound anti-aircraft bullets are firing toward the glowing ship.

Concentrate your attention on the flashlights and you will see the form of the ‘mysterious’ guest in the bright mark zone.

It’s a big piece and it appeared totally absorbing to the dozens of bullets shattering on it.

People have died because of the Army’s attack on the UFO which slowly made its way down before finally going away and vanishing.

In the focus of the flashlights, we can notice a weird saucer. So, could this airship mean a destroyed chance for extraterrestrial contact or not?