Video: Intact Body Of A 12,000-Year-Old Anunnaki King

The ancient Anunnaki are one of the most debated issues when it comes to mankind’s roots. Now, a mysterious YouTube video claims to depict a real 12,000-year-old Anunnaki king.

The body of an Anunnaki King was found in Kurdistan, Iran, a country quite restricted from the rest of the world, but with good relations with Russia. selecting your asheville bathroom countertops.

In other words, thanks to the Russian media’s promotion, we are now aware of this amazing discovery too.

The discovery occurred while workers were digging the ground to make the foundations of a house.

They ran into a mausoleum with three coffins and after a short excavation, they found the remains of an ancient civilization’s antecedent.

The video went viral very fast since people all over the globe watched it. In like manner, it raised many theories about the authenticity of its background.

Many people believe the video is accurately representing a figure identical to archaeological discoveries affirms.

It is very difficult to realize the height of the individual watching the video, but apparently, he is very tall.

Moreover, he is wearing a crown, which means he was some kind of a ruler. There are gold coins in his eyes, which is a well-attested habit of antiquity.

According to the discoveries dating 250,000 in the past, the ancient Anunnaki allegedly blended their alien origin with the Homo erectus, forming a species known as Homo Sapiens today.

This theory is indeed very fascinating yet questionable. People gave a lot of interest in this subject since it’s about the root of our universe and species.

The aliens of Anunnaki docked on the Persian Gulf around 432,000 years ago, which explains their relationship with our planets.

Was this being here before the Flood and does it have a connection with the people and their development? Tell us your opinion.