Video Of Triangle UFO Flying Over UFO Hotspot In Texas

Otherworldly phenomena pursuers captured something eerie happening in Longview, Texas: a video recording of a mysterious triangle UFO.

Witnesses described this sighting involved a three-sided craft floating silently around the neighborhood of Texas.

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After 90 seconds of the video, another triangle UFO makes a quiet appearance and eventually they slowly distance from themselves.

The witnesses who managed to capture the video immediately went into their car to pursue a better point of view.

The video was presumed to be a raw chase footage, because of the blurred, shaky quality. However, it still has two very good parts, the beginning and the end of the video.

Some people said it might be a drone, but its vast size doesn’t comply with this theory at all. It is obvious that the triangle UFO covers a large part of the sky.

It is indeed very hard to jump to a conclusion whether the craft has extraterrestrial origins or it’s a military archetype like the TR – 3B is.

Like many others, this controversial video provoked conspiracy theorists to bring up their personal hypotheses.

“This is a few hours from where the Cash — Landrum incident happened. I wonder if there is a military base in the area,” said a Reddit user.

Namely, the Cash-Landrum event is one of the most famous UFO incidents in the US. This event not only left behind people shocked but also provided evident physical material.

This incident involved Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and her seven year — old grandson, Colby.

They were driving on a lonely road to their home in Dayton, Texas when they spotted an enormous diamond-shaped craft floating above the treetops.

The UFO ejected flames and released a massive amount of heat, making the metal parts of the car so hot they were painful to touch.

Shortly after the object climbed, 23 military helicopters rushed over in a chase of the UFO.

The consequences after the event left Cash ill with symptoms of radiation poisoning. Moreover, her body started showing painful injuries and she started losing skin and hair.

The evidence these patients had really suffered secondary damage to ionizing radiation is strong.

Our question is whether this infamous event is somehow connected with the recent triangle UFO one?

It is indeed possible. The bare fact the diamond-shaped UFO was immediately chased by a fleet of military helicopters clearly suggests a presence of a close secret base.

If this turns out to be the truth, this area might host other oddities we should be watching carefully.