Stephen Hawking Warns: Alien Contact Will Destroy Humanity

The British space expert Stephen Hawking made a frightful warning about the first alien contact. He apparently believes that such kind of a contact would exterminate humankind so aliens could command the Earth.

Hawking claims that the otherworldly creatures are not so enthusiastic about making contact with humans. According to him, people should be unwilling into establishing one.

He said that the planet Gliese 832c, a recently found heated super-Earth, is a potential host of alien life.

Stephen Hawking made a comparison of the first alien contact as the first meeting of Columbus with the Native American.

To clarify, this ancient meeting didn’t turn out to be very nice.

Furthermore, he warned that even if humankind gets an alien sign from another planet one day, it should be reluctant on answering to it.

He went on explaining the possibility of alien life to destroy ‘pirates’ walking in the cosmos in order to find planets to conquer and colonize.

This is not the first time Stephen Hawking has made such shocking statements. In 2010, he talked on Discovery Channel about aliens killing human species.

Stephen Hawking also talked about climate change temperatures of 250 C.

The professor said that every day he is more certain that we are not alone in this world. However, he also mentioned that ‘the others’ aren’t the only threat to mankind.

Namely, he is scared that the Earth could become hot as Venus if the climate change is not being put under control.

He said that Earth could become a hothouse that people would not be able to live on.

At the same time, he spoke about President Trump and the possibility he could only worsen the things if he accepts the Paris Climate agreement.

Stephen Hawking thinks that Earth will be knocked over if the global warming continues its current path.

The actions of Trump may be the edge push over thus temperatures could splay to 250 centigrade.