Strange Castle-Like Structure Emerges In Antarctica – Proof Of Advanced Ancient Civilization?

An enormous castle structure revealed itself in Antarctica, striking immediate opinions that the icy continent was once a homeland to an ancient civilization.

The image of the castle taken from Google Earth depicts an oval-shaped formation. Theorists have estimated it measures around 400 foot across.

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This structure appears to show signs of a tremendous, man-made building, similar to a medieval motte and bailey castle.

If we observe the image carefully, we can notice how the rings of the structure look like a man-made structure in ruins, covered with ice and snow.

If it’s not a product of mother nature, then who created this castle? This question does not provide an answer since the structure locates in the only place on Earth where people can’t seem to form a life.

The picture shows an oval-shaped structure that theorists claim to be 400 foot across.

It wasn’t a surprise that people quickly started debating whether an ancient civilization once lived here. On the other hand, there were others who claim the castle is only a natural phenomenon.

But, whether this enigmatic construction is, it is still quite remarkable and engaging.

What if, in the distant past, Antarctica was not the picture we see today, but something rather the opposite.

Perhaps it had civilization developing over there, building structures just like this one. And we are encountering evidence of it as the time goes by.

Besides this castle, there appeared several ancient maps that painted some Antarctica parts iceless.

One of them was the 1513’s map by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. Namely, this map shows Antarctica which was in fact discovered between 1818-1820. Weird, huh?

Recently, modern beliefs have pushed down the aisle mainstream scholars. People increasingly believe that ancient civilizations were much more advanced than we think.

Several maps discovered in the past are evidence that the story we know lacks some important parts.

Maybe these ancient maps, together with satellite images of our planet are the ultimate proof that civilizations could have lived in the most desolate places on our planet in the distant past.

Experts explained the reason to be a natural cause. They said it’s an ice structure, built by the heavy snowfall, low temperature, and Antarctica’s freezing katabatic wind.

Experts believe that what satellites spotted over Eastern Antarctica may be weirdly-shaped Sastrugi — sharp irregular grooves formed on a snow surface by wind erosion.

However, sastrugi always appear in a different shape, depending on the wind’s direction. They very rarely emerge as an oval formation, as the image appears to depict.

This fort-like structure is not the first discovery to suggest issues about ancient civilizations living in Antarctica. There was also a pyramid, hidden inside the snow, which had a triangular, symmetrical shape.

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